I wrote this song about some personal issues going on in my life which I don’t plan on detailing here, sorry!  They say write about what you know, so…

I used some tracks from Drums On Demand’s My Co-Writer collection as the basis for the song, editing sections where needed.  I used PG Music’s Band In A Box soloist feature to make the lap steel parts. I added the guitar solo that follows the lap steel solo in the middle, plus lead and harmony vocals.

Technical notes:

I used Cakewalk’s Sonar Producer X2a to record, arrange and mix the project.  I recorded my guitar parts with a new Fender American Deluxe Telecaster using Scuffham’s excellent S-Gear guitar processor.

For the vocals I used my usual old RodeNT2 mic, treated with some Fabfilter Pro-Q EQ, T-RackS CS Grand plate reverb and an EZMIX2 ‘Wide Vocals preset.  The final mix was mastered using TRacks3 CS Grand software with a touch more limiting provided by FabFilter’s Pro-L limiter.

I made the video using Serif’s MoviePlus X6.  Some of the footage is my own from visits to Falmouth Castle, Cornwall, Packwood House, a National Trust Property near Knowle, West Midlands and other places.  I also used some free HD clips found on the internet.  There’s nothing literal in the video - it’s just impressions from the lyrics I’d written, illustrated with what I think are appropriate (or just cool!) images.