I wrote this as an expression of how I miss being near the sea, and how I yearn to go back to living near the beautiful and magical Cornish coast.  The track has a simple chord structure, providing lots of opportunities for ‘variations on a theme’ lead lines.

Technical notes:

The project started by using a backing track from Coffee Break Grooves.

I then edited that to give the song structure I wanted, and added to it slightly using PG Music’s Band In A Box, with IK Multimedia’s SampleTank 3 providing bass and electric piano sounds for these additions.

I played the lead and rhythm parts on a new Fender Mexican-made Fender Stratocaster I just acquired - a Surf Green one, appropriately enough!  Its quality is excellent, although I did have the pickups swapped for a Seymour Duncan ‘Everything Axe’ set.  I used my trusty BOSS DR-880 drum machine/guitar processor to record the guitar parts.

The project was engineered in Sonar Platinum.  Mastering was done in Sonar using iZotope’s Ozone 7 Advanced.

The video was compiled in Serif’s MoviePlus X6, using clips gleaned from the Internet and then edited to fit the mood of the piece.