A failed relationship song (again!).  The song attempts to describe that deep blue feeling when you feel you’re no longer the object of someone’s feelings.  It’s as if you simply became invisible to them.

Technical notes:

I struggled to find the right music setting for the lyrics, scrapping one version entirely.  You just know when the music isn’t conveying the right mood.  I resorted to checking out a few loops/samples and came across just the right ones in a collection I bought almost ten years ago but never got around to using.  They come from a pop collection by Ueberschall Sample Libraries. I added some extra guitar parts and made other tweaks to get the arrangement I needed.

The vocal was done using my usual RØDE NT2 mic, with some processing from Cakewalk’s Pro Channel and also a T-RackS5 compressor, the ‘White Channel’.  I also used the Thickener from Sonnox’s VoxDoubler.  The project was engineered in Cakewalk by BandLab. Mastering was done there using IK Multimedia’s excellent Lurssen Mastering Console.