A new song, written with lyrics supplied by occasional songwriting partner Richard.  We were school friends and then didn't see each other again for about forty years.  The song celebrates this renewed contact and contemplates whether some 'good old days' could still lie ahead despite the ravages of time!  Technical notes:

I used some loops from one of the ‘My Co-Writer’ packs by Drums on Demand, making adjustments and tweaks to get the arrangement I needed.  I used Cakewalk’s Pro-Channel to adjust EQs where necessary.  I re-programmed the drums in MIDI as I didn’t like the EQ and reverb processing used on the loops and used XLN ‘s Addictive Drums for the sounds.  I added some percussion loops (shakers).  I used Band In A Box to make the organ and flute parts, the latter a BIAB MIDI piano part but using flute sounds.  Organ and flute ensemble sounds were from IK Multimedia’s Sample Tank 3.   I added the lead guitar and guitar harmony parts using Scuffham Amps’ S-Gear guitar processor plugin.

The vocal was done using my usual RØDE NT2 mic, with some processing from Cakewalk’s Pro Channel and also Toontrack’s EZMix 2.  I also used the Waves Vocal Rider plugin to even out levels in the vocal.  The project was engineered in Cakewalk by BandLab. Mastering was done there using iZotope’s Ozone 8.