1.  Running in the purple garden through the summer haze,

Harlequin wants us to ride across to yesterday.

Alice found a money tree so no one has to pay.

2.  I’m following the Harlequin into the secret maze,

From the gate he calls my name and offers me a tray

But every time I lift my mask he looks the other way.

Over on the battlements someone’s keeping watch

So we don’t miss our ride on the albatross.

Rainbows are passing all across the moon:

Harlequin is calling the tune.

3.  Red and gold is sparkling on the ladies’ gowns;

Harlequin is dancing now, spinning round and round.

No one wants to break the spell, no one makes a sound.

4.  (Guitar Solo)

5.  In the house while no one’s watching, letters write themselves.

Chinese boxes sealed forever sleeping on the shelves,

Photographs remind us of tales they can tell.

After all the guests have gone someone rings a bell.

Everything is how it was as far as I can tell.

Clockwork toys are marching back into their room,

Harlequin is calling the tune.

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