1.  I woke up this morning, and in the night I’d turned sixty-five.

‘Don’t understand how it happened, when I feel so young inside.

‘Thought I heard a noise at midnight; must have been my life just whizzing by.

2.  Statins in the morning, Metformin after meals,

Shake me and I’m rattling like a train on square wheels.

But I’m still rockin’ and rollin’, that’s one thing the years can’t steal.

3.  Ramipril for breakfast and aspirin with my tea.

Gotta keep that plaque at bay - that’s what my doctor says to me.

But music keeps my blood going through my half-blocked arteries.

4.  (Guitar Solo)

5.  Oh, one day I’ll get to heaven and join the band up in the sky.

I’ll get to play with Jimi and all those other guys.

But in the meantime I’ll keep rockin’ until it’s time to close my eyes.

6.  Now, when I feel those aches and pains I start looking for the signs

That my luck has all run out now and it feels like it’s my time.

And with one foot in the groove I’m in a Zimmer frame of mind.

7.  (Harmonica Solo)

8.  And when the music finally stops after the last chord progression,

Oh, the angels will unplug me and take my guitar and me to heaven.

They’ll find me by my amp with all the knobs turned to eleven.


10. (Guitar Solo)

11. (Harmonica Solo)

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