1.  Please don’t linger on the landing, come on in to me, my dear.

Let’s renew our understanding, bring that bottle over here.

We’re holed up in the mansion while your old man is in town,

Talking hedging and expansion to placate those Wall Street clowns.

2.  Nowadays we go dark places; even I become alarmed.

What I need to really face is that you’re doing me great harm.

Should I risk your sharp displeasure?  Will you order me to go?

If I kneel and say, confessing, “I’m a jaded gigolo.”

Chorus:  You always called me big boy, I am Ronnie to your friends.

I am charming and disarming, the fiesta never ends.

But my fabric now is faded and the threads begin to show,

No fresh options to be traded by a jaded gigolo.

3.  I had the karma of a charmer, sent to meet your powder man.

With my dark skin as an armour and my streetwise eyes on scan.

But now Carlito’s gone financing condo scams in Panama.

No more evenings line dancing with your friends etcetera.


Chorus:  You always called me big boy, etc.


I’ve worked hard for your pleasure: I gave you a good time.

But nothing lasts forever babe, it’s now time to draw a line.


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