1.  I can handle anything I see on my horizon.

I’m the man who can, the one with no flies on.

Don’t try to catch me out, you know I won’t let it.

You’ll get it back in spades; you know you’ll regret it.

2.  You always held me down and I’m mad that I let you,

I rolled over so I didn’t upset you.

Your love was selfish and I’m done with forgiving,

Get outta my life now, I want to start living.

I struggled through the dark and found the light.

I found that you were wrong and I was right.

Don’t mess with me, just let me be,

I’ve been to hell and back but now I’m in control.

Don’t mess with me ‘cos now I’m free,

My life is back on track, I’m on a roll.


3.  So now it’s over and I see you come crawlin’,

With your tears a-flowin’ and your old caterwaulin’.

I smile and shrug and say that you had it coming,

It’s time to leave my dear, you’d better get moving.

You put stuff in my life to strangle and choke me,

To get my back up, to poke and provoke me.

Don’t mess with me, just let me be, etc.

I deserved better: a little respect.

I stood up to you and that’s something you didn’t expect.

Don’t mess with me, just let me be, etc.

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