1.  I’ve always been on my own; I don’t really mind.

My journey is nearly done, my shadow is right behind.

I closed my ears to the world and all its lies,

When there was too much to see I just shut my eyes.

Only I know how dark it feels,

The pictures in my head will stay concealed.

2.  I’m free to do what I like and say what I feel,

I won’t bend to anyone: don’t expect me to kneel.

I’ve done no one any harm or been the cause of pain,

I just don’t understand the way people play these games.

But it’s too late now, my fate is sealed.

And the pain inside no one can steal.

3.  What makes you think you can mend a broken man

When so many others have failed to even understand?

Who are you to say that life is just a dream?

And with a touch of your hand I can be redeemed?

Tell me something I can see is real:

I have too many wounds for you to heal.

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