Here are some of my songs.  Click on a title to go to a dedicated page where you’ll find an MP3, video and lyrics where applicable, and other background notes about the song.


So I don’t belong

Let’s take a trip back man…

The pain of being an outsider

But there’s till time to look forwards

I simply disappeared

Your turn will come

I’m on a roll

An inner pilgrimage also

I’m too shy

Looking for love, we can always dream

Acute nostalgia…

A seascapes instrumental

How it all began…

Please listen: I’m a changed man

Rage, rage against the dying of the light

The vain, the crooked, he’ll come and find you

It’s time to draw the line

Not the life out West she planned

A hedonistic lifestyle ends badly

Music’s been my healer

You can redeem yourself

Listen to the voice inside

Or, Strawberry Lucy

Our dreams aren’t the same

Or, The slacker’s lament

The tragedy of Wounded Knee

I’m invisible again

Something we’ve all lost

A Tribute to Danny

Your turn to lose

With her last name gone...

Never go back

...the lines

Promises, promises  

Listen out for the cries of others

You must remember this, a kiss is still a kiss

Sounds of Spring

Love lost

Too many questions?

The surest cure for vanity: loneliness

For my Dad

Yielding to Spring

A Freddie King thing!

An’ the livin’ is easy...

A humbuckin’ workout

For absent friends

A bitter season

A fatal attraction

Let’s work at it

Life is not a rehearsal - but no one told me

Stone walls do not a prison make

The price of fame

Passion for freedom never dies

Justice denied