1.  You think that I don’t listen when you need to do it your your way,

And all the time we wrangle, our song don’t see the light of day.

We’re hardly ever on the same page, and we keep our anger in a cage.

If it’s not one thing it’s another; I’m not surprised when we discover.

Chorus:  Our dreams are not the same, but it’s plain to me

That sometimes the end justifies the means.

We never think the same, can’t you see?

You won’t find it in these lines: it’s in between.

2.  Lost in the process in ways of our own choosing,

I wish you wouldn’t see everything as winning or losing.

Both fixed firmly in our ways, it’s not how I like to spend my days.

Great minds can’t think alike when both know that they’re right.

Chorus:  Our dreams are not the same,  etc.

Take a chance and join the dance, let down your defences.

If being wise is a compromise, we’ll both come to our senses.


3.  (Guitar solo)

I try to find a middle way but it doesn’t matter what I say..

If the words between us won’t rhyme, let’s end this pantomime.

Chorus:  Our dreams are not the same,  etc.

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