On the pages in this section I’ve put together some information that might be of interest if you’re already into home recording and/or songwriting, or thinking of getting into it as a hobby, or simply curious!

Please note that the information which follows is based on what I’ve personally learned over the years; so in that respect it reflects the ways I go about things.  But there are many other routes depending on your musical and technical preferences, abilities, budget constraints, ambitions, etc.  My perspective and recommendations are coloured by the following:

- I’m a guitarist, not a keyboard player

- I don’t read music (although I know enough basic rudiments and theory to help me    achieve what I try to do)

- I know enough about PCs to get by and also to get into trouble now and then.

I’ve only included information that I’ve distilled through my own learning and ‘trial and error’ processes, so there’s no vague or untested theory here, just definitive statements based on my own experiences and which I feel might help if passed on.

The music I write and record is mostly in the pop, rock, blues genres so the pages on songwriting may not be of interest to those who are exclusively into ambient, metal, rap, etc., although the pages about recording methods might be, as most of the concepts and practices are common to many genres of music.

Information on these pages may appear too complex or too simplistic depending on your particular stage of learning, but if you find just some of it useful then it’s served its purpose.

Ok, that tells you where I’m coming from, so let’s get started!  Click on the headings below to visit the relevant pages.

Getting Started

Some general pointers on getting started with home recording or songwriting.


Information on equipment I use in the studio to make and record music.


Computer programs I use, what they do, and some recommendations.

Recording Tips

Practical hints and special techniques I’ve gathered and that are worth passing on.

Songwriting Tips

Valuable and practical suggestions on how to go about some aspects of songwriting.

Fellow band members Laurie and Jim in my studio My Roland Fantom X6 synthesiser workstation