1.  Well, it’s been a year, I’m still sitting here with memories in my mind

Of how we met and fell in love, old heartaches left behind.

Trying to conceal I’m not really healed; I just ran out of time,

Not to see the pain I’m going through – how can you be so blind?

2.  Everything’s in its place: the tears on my face, the dog out in the hall.

My emptiness is so complete, the winner took it all.

Lost in a maze, I fill my days waiting for my curtain call.

Angels cry in heaven tonight ‘cause my back’s against the wall.

Chorus:  And how can I be your lover? Is there a way back for me?

How will I find another? Life don’t have no guarantees.

Oh-oh… Monika, Oh-oh-oh, my Monika.

Yeah... Monika. Oh, my Monika.

3.  ‘Though your photograph is torn in half, I still remember all those nights:

The trials that you helped me through, and without a single fight.

A year has passed, but I won’t raise a glass: I’ll just turn out the light.

We’re livin’ our lives against the grain, and you know it just ain’t right.

Chorus:  How can I be your lover? Is there a way back for me? etc.

So where are you? What can I do?

Monika, oh my Monika. Oh-oh-oh, Monika.

Yeah... Monika.  My Monika.  My Monika...

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