1.  I need an answer: are we meant to be all alone?

Star-crossed dancers, born with no free will of our own.

Every man’s an island, waiting for a ship to appear.

With a banner in my hand; can’t you see me waving from over here?

2.  Do you have the answer? Where are all the people like me?

I die a little more inside every time I watch my TV.

Ignorance reigns supreme: vulgarity’s the only truth.

Culture lies a broken dream.  Tell me, what am I supposed to do?

Chorus:  I have my music, and I live my life inside my head.

If I didn’t have music, I’d be drowning in too many questions instead.

Music helps me through the days, and music helps me find my way.

3.  “We have the answers”, that’s what all the good people say.

“Just follow our leader, and he’ll turn your night into day.”

I don’t need your messiahs, to help me open my eyes.

There may be too many questions but I know the answers must be inside.

Chorus:  But I have my music, and I live my life inside my head, etc.

I could go through life, forget it all, and hide behind the door.

But do you feel like I feel there must be something more?


Music helps me through the nights, oh yeah, and music helps me get it right.

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