The Internet is a powerful source of wisdom, trade secrets and downright misleading, time wasting guff.  Googling will get you a lot of information about songwriting and home recording etc. but I’ve done some of the hard work for you.  Here are some links to genuinely useful sources of information.  Please contact me if you know of one worthy of inclusion.

One of the most useful sites on the web for everything related to learning how to setup and operate a home studio.  It’s kept up to date and the forums are very active.  It’s affiliated to two US music retailers but that doesn’t seem to influence anything.

With the growth in home recording, more and more magazines are appearing, but SOS is the original and still the best.  Authoritative reviews, huge searchable library of articles and very active forums.

An excellent resource for all kinds of hints and tips.  Highly recommended!

A comprehensive and well-written guide to the mysteries of mastering. Essential reading whether you use the Ozone mastering software or not. Available free as PDF or e-book.

This is a superb interactive web page showing you all you need to know about the audio frequencies of musical instruments.  Move your mouse over it to get vital data to help you understand and use EQ.  

Part of a larger site called Gootar, this is a free page where you can use your mouse to click notes onto a guitar fret board and it will tell you the name of the chord as well as play the sound of it being strummed.

Share your music tracks on line for free:  an ample 120 minutes of audio and 100 downloads per track.  There are premium services for larger users. Useful for hosting a track so you can post a  link to it on a forum, for example, or for online collaboration.  

A good place to start. Lots of information on gear, setting it up, etc.