1.  In this sweet place where freedom reigns

Secured by bolts and snug in chains,

Where innocence and guilt together

Roost like two birds of a feather,

Dreamers dream in their mind's eye

And sinners safe at anchor lie.

2.  Where all is guarded and recluse,

That none his liberty can lose.

‘Though captive all day long it's true,

At night I am as free as you.

I can run or swim or fly,

Trace my empire through the sky.

Seasons change like moons for me: I can make a desert a sea...

3.  (Guitar solo)

I can run or swim or fly;

Trace my empire through the sky.

4.  I dream a thousand shining things in gloom,

Like glow-worms twinkling in a tomb.

In my mind I run and run

To breathe the air and feel the sun.

Tears of rage and tears of pain

Wash my spirit home again.

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