This was inspired by Ravel’s sad and very beautiful ‘Pavane For A Dead Infanta’. The main melody is very beautiful and I borrowed it for the chorus of my song: a mini love story about the dangers of becoming stage-struck and forgetting the value of things that really matter.

Our pernicious and cynical media, in order merely to make profit, have generated and encouraged an appalling self-serving culture which has made a generation believe that their highest aspiration should be to become a ‘celebrity’.  Not a celebrity in the sense of having achieved something worthy in public or artistic life, but just a meaningless, vacuous, ‘celebrity’. This ‘blag your way’ culture breaks and consumes the naive who are encouraged to believe they can make their wish come true merely by clinging to an impossible dream, even in the face of the fact they have no innate talent whatsoever for what their dream entails.

I'm quite proud of the two orchestral descants which I played in from my Roland synth - they're not too bad for a guitar player!